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Welcome! Take your time and look around.
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Socializing your dog

Socializing your dog from early puppy stages to adulthood is vital to having a healthy happy dog. At an early age I took both Roux and Zeus on walks and to dog parks so they could socialize both on the leash and off the leash. I knew as they got older a Doberman and a Mastiff would be handful if they were dog or people aggressive. I wanted them to be good protective guard dogs at home but when we were out and about I never wanted to worry about them biting another dog or a human!

In addition to letting them socialize with other dogs on the leash and off the leash, I would take both the dogs on car rides and to various places around town to get them acclimated to loud noises and strange people or objects being around us. This was also a great way to work on obedience training! I frequently would take them to restaurants to sit on the patio or to a favorite destination, Home Depot. 

As young adults, both of the dogs love car rides and do very well on long trips. we have taken multiple 10-15 hour drives and they usually sleep the entire way. If I had not made the effort to get them used to getting out of the house and taking them on rides at an early age i'm positive they wouldn't do as well as they do now.

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